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Big Data Analysis

Our team of experts assists you in developing an innovative Big Data strategy based on your budget and requirements. Of course, we protect your current BI investments and data warehouse in order to improve data analysis. Our consultant team has a comprehensive perspective that can assist you in evaluating both Open Source options and commercial product vendors. Our goal is to provide our clients with effective, high-performance, and highly scalable Big Data analytics applications.

Finally, we reduce your risk of implementation time and cost. Our experts use Big Data technologies to create proof-of-concept prototype applications based on your specifications. With the successful validation about prototype, it is quite convenient to scale and deploy the innovative Big Data solution into the highest production-grade implementation. 

We have highly skilled data scientists who can implement algorithms and advanced models to uncover patterns in data and provide predictive insights. Big data is quickly becoming an indispensable source of competitive advantage for businesses. Let us help you define and deliver your big data strategy.

You are quickly inundated with massive amounts of information, whether the data is local, in the cloud, or both. Social media, intranet collaboration systems, and other data sources present significant difficulties. However, the volume, velocity, variety, and complexity of Big data can be a huge corporate asset that must be capitalized on in order to thrive. Don’t let yourself be buried. We have the experience, skills, and tools needed to transform your business problems into business insights.

Aspire IT's Business Solution Platform

The Big Decisions Business Solution Platform offers a best-in-class strategy to address big data issues and provide substantial benefits. The strategy integrates big data technology solutions with business use cases to manage complicated data and perform analyses that produce quantifiable results.

Big Data Industry Solutions A variety of industry solutions created by our subject matter experts highlight Cognizant’s focus on innovation and business operations. Businesses can satisfy their social media needs with the help of our integrated social media analytics and reporting solution, iSMART, which also offers real-time insight into the efficacy of social media.

Big Data Services

Our Enterprise Information Management practice has built a robust set of big data service offerings to cater to customer needs.
• Big data strategy and roadmap definition
• Technology evaluation and piloting
• Data visualization and analytics
• Idea to implementation
• Big data lab on demand
• Solution accelerators

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