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Global Sourcing Transformation

Learn how to use worldwide and multi-sourcing strategies to lower costs, improve the efficiency of IT processes, centralize operations, and consolidate vendors. Model Establish operating models for your IT company that are in line with your corporate goals.

The topic of global procurement strategy is currently a hot button issue. Many companies that depended on a supplier based in China experienced unanticipated disruption as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing supply chain disruptions. The reliance on a particular region had an effect on business continuity in several instances. Some of these companies were forced to briefly halt operations due to a lack of substitute suppliers, while a few others had to permanently close. Find out more about the sourcing services and sourcing tools offered by GST.

Business/IT Strategy

A comprehensive plan called an IT strategy describes how technology should be applied to achieve both business and IT objectives. A written document describing the various elements that influence an organization’s investment in and utilisation of technology is known as an IT plan.

All aspects of technology management, including cost, human resource, hardware, and programme management, vendor, and risk management, should be covered by IT strategies.

In order to successfully implement an IT strategy, the chief information officer (CIO) and chief technology officer (CTO) must collaborate closely with other lines of business, user groups, and the business, finance, and legal departments.

Discover how to use IT to transform your company’s processes and gain a competitive advantage.

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